Our Lanzarote Holiday Tip – Choose Thomson or First Choice

It really is a tough time for the holiday industry. Although Lanzarote as a destination seems to be doing ok, the tour operators that serve it are a real mixed bag.

If you book your Lanzarote holiday through an ABTA backed operator then your money should be safe and if the company goes bust you should eventually get a refund. However if something does go wrong you still risk having your Lanzarote holiday plans thrown into disarray. Even worse is being involved in rescue flights and temporary accommodation if things go bad whilst you’re actually away in Lanzarote.

One of the Lanzarote market leaders, Thomas Cook Holidays has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. It is still juggling massive debts and a huge downturn in bookings. It clearly still has problems.

We’ve also heard stories of people booking Lanzarote hotels and apartments using online hotel bookers. When they arrive at the accommodation they were turned away. It seems that the hotel bookers in question were struggling and had failed to pay the hotel.

There are plenty of really good “second tier” Lanzarote package holiday firms that have a really great record. Companies like Cosmos Holidays and Jet2 Holidays have really good reputations to Lanzarote but being smaller are always more vulnerable than the bigger operators.

The team here at Lanzarote-Traveller firmly believe that if you want to play-it-safe and book your Lanzarote holiday with as much peace-of-mind as possible you should choose TUI Group. They are a huge operation, appear financially stable, are ABTA protected and have a really good reputation for high quality Lanzarote holidays at fair prices. TUI Group in the UK consists of the market leading Thomson Holidays and First Choice Holidays who both have a wide range of Lanzarote accommodation from which to choose.

If you prefer an all-inclusive Lanzarote holiday then look at First Choice Holidays who are now all-inclusive holiday specialists.

The widest range of Lanzarote holidays can be found at Thomson Holidays which also includes the Thomson Luxury Holidays collection for something a bit more special at great prices.

Both Thomson and First Choice use the flights of Thomson Airways who have just been named as the UK’s most on-time holiday airline, an important factor when choosing your Lanzarote holiday. There’s nothing worse than flight delays!

Whoever you choose, have a wonderful Lanzarote Holiday! :-)

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