Lanzarote Airport extends operating hours

The Spanish Airport and Air Navigation Authority (AENA) has announced that Lanzarote´s Arrecife airport will be open until 2am beginning the 27th March 2011. Speculation about possible changes to Arrecife´s current working hours surfaced last week when Ryanair began selling flights to the island with arrival and departure times outside the usual timetable. One of the first flights to land during these new opening hours is a Ryanair flight from Luton which arrives at 1.30am.

AENA´s press office yesterday announced that it hopes such changes to Arrecife´s roster will contribute to strengthen Lanzarote´s appeal as a tourist destination by opening up further routes to other airlines.

It is yet to be confirmed is whether there will also be an earlier opening time at Arrecife, which is currently 7am. Ryanair currently has tickets for sale with departure times from Arrecife stated as 6.05am.

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