Armas Volcan de Tindaya returns after annual service

Anyone who is a frequent visitor to either Playa Blanca in the south of Lanzarote or Correlejo in the north of Fuerteventura will be fully aware of the fast efficient ferry service that runs between the two islands.

Two companies operate the route.  Fred Olsen runs the bright yellow “Fast Cat” Bocayna Express and Armas the more traditional looking white and red Volcan de Tindaya.

Both vessels complete the scenic crossing in about 30 minutes and run almost hourly throughout the day.

The Armas vessel returned in December after it’s annual service and is now operating a full service once again.

It’s a trip well worth doing for anyone visiting either of the two islands.  In just 30 minutes you can switch the volcanic vistas of Lanzarote for the golden sands of Fuerteventura..

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