Playa Flamingo Beach looking great again

Nearly five years ago the lovely Playa Flamingo Beach in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote was virtually destroyed by Tropical Storm Delta.  The breakwaters were washed away which meant there was no longer anything to stop the sea washing away the golden sand.  All that was left was a rocky mess.

Finally after obtaining a substantial amount of funding work began on repairing the beach in early 2010.  This work took most of the year and wasn’t without some turmoil.

However the beach is now restored, golden, calm and full of relaxing holidaymakers.  All very inviting.

The only slight downside is that the breakwaters have been constructed from slightly unsightly concrete blocks rather than the previous volcanic rock.  The concrete is slowly weathering and the look is improving daily.  It’s also a far more substantial structure than the previous breakwater so will hopefully withstand any future storm far better.

Thomson are the operators of the Playa Flamingo resort which is right on this beach.

Other hotels closeby are the Timanfaya Palance and the Iberostar Lanzarote Park. Both can be found at

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