Lanzarote Flights : Volcanic Ash Updates from Thomson and First Choice

Leading Tour Operators Thomson and First Choice are posting regular updates on the developing Volcanic Ash situation and it’s effect on their Holiday flights to Lanzarote.

Flights to Lanzarote are very likely to be disrupted by the volcanic ash cloud, particularly those departing from Scotland and Ireland. It is expected that delays and disruptions may spread to other UK airports very soon.

On both the Thomson Holidays and First Choice Holidays websites there is a clear link on their homepages called “Volcanic Ash Disruption – Latest News” that will take you to the latest travel update.

Even if Lanzarote Flights are not directly affected there may well be knock-on delays to Lanzarote flights caused by aircraft being trapped out-of-position.

Fast links for more information:

Volcanic Ash Disruption Latest News from Thomson Holidays ,

Volcanic Ash Disruption Latest News from First Choice Holidays .

Experts are saying that hopefully this volcanic eruption should have far less impact on aviation than the one last year so try not to worry too much and have a lovely Lanzarote Holiday.

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