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P&O Cruises now offer a selection of cruises that include the island of Lanzarote as a Port-of-Call.

Lanzarote’s sunny climate makes it a big hit with sunbathers and swimmers, who relish its volcanic red, black and white sand beaches. But it is worth tearing yourself away from your sunbed to explore the island’s spectacular moon-like volcanic landscape, best seen from the Fire Mountain in the Timanfaya National Park and famous for the fantastical shapes created by solidified volcanic lava.

Camel rides are available in the park, and tours here will also take you to the lush wine country of La Geria to sample the heady local vintages. Head north instead of southwest and you will discover wonderfully verdant Haria – ‘the valley of a thousand palms’ and can enjoy panoramic views from Mirador del Rio.

Equally fascinating is a visit to Jameos el Agua cave, an oddly shaped volcanic cave overlooking a saltwater lagoon where you will find a colony of white crabs unique to the island.

A full list of the P&O cruises that feature Lanzarote as a Port of Call can be found here:

Lanzarote Cruises from P&O Cruises

P&O Lanzarote Cruises also feature a fantastic selection of shore excursions. We’ve listed a few of the most popular excursions below. Please check the P&O Lanzarote Excursions page for a complete list of current excursions.

Mountain of Fire
The heart of Lanzarote is an awesome red and black volcano, ‘Fire Mountain’, whose presence dominates the island.

The ‘sleeping’ Mountain of Fire once destroyed the livelihoods of the locals, but it is now one of Lanzarote’s most stunning attractions.

Demonstrations by uniformed staff will show you the violent forces beneath the earth’s crust, proving that the volcano is not extinct, but only dormant.

You’ll be driven through the haunting scenery of dark, barren lava cinders topped by brooding red-black volcano cones. Witness at close-hand, a lunar landscape whose images nourish the imagination.

Vineyards dot the landscape with the vines, protected by semi-circular stonewalls, making them look more like art than agriculture. A stop will be made at a ‘bodega’ for you to taste one of the local wines of Lanzarote. (Please note that there is no seating inside and seating outside is limited.)

Camel Ride and Fire Mountain
Experience the devilish terrain of Lanzarote’s main attraction, Timanfaya, and take a camel ride next to a volcano.

Unique to Lanzarote, the dromedary camel will transport you in a wicker basket-chair situated either side of the camel’s hump. The 30-minute camel ride will take you in a camel-train over the volcanic dunes, which lie at the entrance to the Timanfaya National Park.

The lava fields are seen on both sides of the road as you approach Fire Mountain and the scenery becomes more reminiscent of the surface of the moon with lava formations and volcanic craters. Demonstrations by uniformed staff will show you the violent forces beneath the earth’s crust, proving that the volcano is not extinct, but only dormant.

At the wine growing area of La Geria, a stop will be made at a ‘bodega’ to allow you to taste one of the local wines. (Please note that there is no seating inside and seating outside is limited).

Discover the North
Venture north to discover splendid towns, coastal views and uncover Lanzarote’s secret – the caves of Jameos del Agua.

Your scenic drive through the extraordinary landscape of Lanzarote takes you north to visit Teguise, the ancient capital. Teguise acts as a relaxing escape for many locals, and a visit makes you feel like you are stepping back in time, as you appreciate the history, traditional architecture and customs.

A stop will be made at Haria, the capital of the municipality, characterised by beautiful landscapes, crystal clear waters and stunning view of the Valley of a Thousand Palms. Mirador del Rio will offer you a spectacular viewpoint and, on a clear day, you will be able to see the island of La Graciosa.

The artist, Cesar Manrique, turned what was once a water hole in the earth’s surface into an inspiring volcanic cavern and exotic subterranean water garden, Jameos del Agua. Follow the spiral stairs into a roofless cavern overlooking an underground lake. See if you can spot the tiny, blind white crabs that live in the perfectly transparent waters. A meandering path leads back to the surface where you’ll be greeted by a glistening crystal-blue pool.

Submarine Dive
See the world beneath the sea as you embark on a voyage of discovery on an exclusive submarine dive.

Diving in a submarine is an exhilarating and unique experience. The clear waters and bountiful marine life surrounding the island of Lanzarote will enhance your experience aboard the specially designed submarine. Fitted with individual TV monitors and display panels, you’ll have an unobstructed view of this fascinating underwater world.

Puerto Calero is the most prestigious and attractive marina in the Canary Islands, home to some impressive sailing and motor yachts and a popular destination for round-the-world regattas. You will have a short time here before returning to Arrecife.

The Magic of Manrique
Born in Arrecife, Cesar Manrique adored Lanzarote and its lava landscape. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see his masterpieces.

Cesar Manrique was, without a doubt, the most important artist in the Canary Islands. Known as a painter, architect, builder and sculptor, he was also an ecologist to the core and loathed all signs of modern construction.

Head north and marvel at the Jameos del Agua cave, the fascinating result of volcanic activity combined with Cesar Manrique’s architectural talent. Try to spot the little, blind crabs, unique in the world and found only in this salt-water lagoon.

Near San Bartolome, discover another of Cesar Manrique’s creations: el Monumento al Campesino – the Monument to the Peasant, with which he paid tribute to the centuries of farm work of Lanzarote’s men and women.

Visit Manrique’s home, which epitomises his true talent. Cesar Manrique’s House is half submerged in volcanic bubbles and painted in dazzling white and jet black throughout. Since Manrique’s death, the house has become an art gallery to his own private collection.

View the large glass windows, which display the lava landscape outside – take a deep breath, as the lava appears to rush through towards you. Witness the 18th century lava flow on which the house is built, before descending to the bottom floor and the ‘bubble rooms’, created during volcanic eruptions in the 1700’s.

Hidden Lanzarote
Visit the old capital Teguise, capture the lovely views at Haria and discover the Aloe Vera Farm and Manrique’s Cactus Garden.

As you travel northwards, you’ll enjoy a visit to the old capital of Teguise, declared a site of historic and architectural importance. You’ll also make a stop at the Haria viewpoint, which offers breathtaking views of the northern headland and neighbouring islands.

Your journey will continue to the Aloe Vera Farm tucked away in the village of Orzola. Aloe vera is a typical plant of warmer regions and one that grows exceptionally well on the island of Lanzarote. The plant is used for a multitude of purposes from preventing wound infection to being a valuable ingredient of skincare, it can even be taken orally. During your visit you’ll have the opportunity to try some aloe juice or liqueur.

Afterwards, you’ll head to Manrique’s Jardin de Cactus, filled with over 1,500 cacti from more than 100 different species found in Lanzarote, America and Madagascar. The Garden is a stone-built enclosure and provides a stunning background for these unusual plants. It is also in this area that the cochineal beetle has been cultivated. The beetle lives on cacti and its larvae are used to produce the valuable red colourant, cochineal, formerly found in drinks such as Campari.

During your visit, you’ll have time to wander around the garden and enjoy a refreshment at the on-site café, before the return drive to the port.

Volcanic Nature Park Trek
Trek across the moonscape of Lanzarote and marvel at the breathtaking, awe-inspiring volcanic scenery.

This walk, designed for all, will provide you with a totally different perspective of the island. Taking you into Los Volcanes Nature Park, your trek will allow you to visit several craters and take you past lava gorges and volcanic canals and tubes associated with volcanic activity. You will also enter the core of the spectacular eruption that took place from 1730 to 1736. Along the route, you will be able to appreciate the variety of flora of the island and some outstanding geological formations brought about by erosion.

The island is a trekker’s paradise and will undoubtedly provide an experience with nature as if you were on another planet.

Lanzarote Uncorked
The unusual vineyards of Lanzarote create a unique landscape – join this tour to discover more about the island’s wines.

Despite its arid terrain, Lanzarote has created a noble heritage of wine making characterised by its distinctive vineyards. During his exhibition ‘Architects of Agriculture’, Cesar Manrique described the particular landscape of the vineyards as “impressive, unique and unmistakable”. La Geria is the main agricultural area and has become what is called ‘land art’ having been declared a protected natural area.

At the 19th century built Bodega La Geria, you’ll have the opportunity to sample 3 different wines developed from the Muscat and Malvasia grapes. At the Bodega Lanzarote, you can enjoy a further 3 tastings, all the while making your own taste comparison.

The final stop will be at Bodega El Grifo, the oldest winery in the Canaries and one of the oldest in Spain. As well as sampling another 3 delicious wines, you can also visit the museum here, completely devoted to the world of wine.

Transfer to Puerto del Carmen
Discover Puerto del Carmen, one of the most popular resorts on the island, an ideal option for those who prefer to explore independently.

This simple transfer will take you to the south coast of Lanzarote, to the longest established resort of Puerto del Carmen.

Upon arrival, the time is yours to spend as you please. Relax on the beach or enjoy the cafés, bars and restaurants. If you prefer some retail therapy, you’ll find a variety of shops selling items such as clothes, shoes, electrical items and souvenirs.

After your stay, you’ll meet back with your escort at the agreed time and place for the return transfer to the ship.

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