Ironman Lanzarote – 21st May 2011

If you’re taking a Lanzorote holiday this spring then you’ll have the opportunity to experience an incredible sporting event. On 21st May 2011 the volcanic Lanarote landscape will be the backdrop to the Ironman Lanzarote event – one of the toughest Ironman challenges on the planet.

Competitors come from around the World to test their mettle and transform the dramatic scenery into a sea of sleek physiques pounding the lunar terrain.

Places to compete in this extreme ordeal are snapped up very quickly with over a thousand athletes, whose training includes miles of swimming, running and cycling, having to enter as soon as applications open.

The three-fold form of the triathlon begins with an Atlantic Ocean swim of nearly 2.5 miles.

This is then followed by a mammoth 110 mile cycle phase that follows snake like passes and open roads ascending more than 7,500 feet in elevation.

The final phase is a full marathon with athletes performing in the heat and searing sahara winds, that is unique to Lanzarote’s Ironman.

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