Lanzarote Holiday Reviews – Resort and Hotel Reviews

Essential research before you book any Lanzarote holiday or hotel is to read holiday reviews. There are many dedicated holiday review sites on the web but surprisingly sometimes it’s best to read reviews on tour operator or hotel booking sites.

These sites email their customers after a trip asking for reviews. Therefore you know that the reviews you are reading are really from people who’ve been to the hotel or apartments because they’d made a real booking.

Many of the ‘review only’ sites have been accused in the past of being ‘infiltrated’ by hotel owners, bar owners or even competitors trying to manipulate the content.

However, would tour operators really publish bad reviews? Good question. However the answer is clearly yes, they do. You only have to read them to see that.

Probably the best and easiest review database to access is at Thomson. It really is excellent and tells you far more than just about the hotel.

Three hotel bookers with fantastic Lanzarote review databases are, and Alpharooms…..

Don’t book anything before checking these out!

Thomson Holiday Reviews

Alpha Rooms

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