Restricted Access to Green Lagoon near El Golfo

The iconic Green Lagoon (Charco de los Clicos) near El Golfo in Lanzarote can now only be reached from the El Golfo side. The Ayuntamiento de Yaiza has closed the principal access on the south side due to the dangerous state of the road. The sea has eroded the volcanic soil and part of the road has collapsed.

The Ayuntamiento de Yaiza requested yesterday that the Cabildo de Lanzarote carry out the repair works as a matter of urgency. However, the repairs also require the authorization of the Dirección General de Costas, so this could be a quite lengthy process, lasting several months.

The access via the village of El Golfo is currently being used by tours, but this is concerning as the slope is quite pronounced and tourists walking in this area have had some accidents in the past. Meetings are to be held with the tour operators to see how to best manage the amount of visitors, which is estimated to be more than a million a year.

If you are visiting the popular Green Lagoon, whether by yourself or with an organised tour, then take extra care and wear good footwear to avoid any unnecessary risks on the dusty slope down to the Lagoon and beach.

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