Lanzarote : Calendar of Events and Festivals

6 January Cabalgata de Reyes (Procession of the Three Kings), Arrecife. The Kings parade through the streets on camels, throwing sweets co children. Some processions in other towns also.

February—Early March Carnival. Celebrations, held in most towns and resorts, staggered so they do not clash with each other. Several days of flamboyant fun start with the murgos, a parade of costumed revellers accompanied by whistles and drums. Carnival ends with the entierro de la sardino, a strange ritual common to all Spanish carnival celebrations, in which a papier-mache model of a sardine is burnt.

Late March – Mid April Semana Santa. The week preceeding Easter is a time of solemn processions.

Mid-June Corpus Christi. Intricately designed carpets of salt, dyed various colours, cover the roads around the Iglesia de San Ginés in Arrecife, where processions are held.

23 June San Juan. On the eve of the saint’s day bonfires are lit in some town and village squares.The biggest celebration is in Haria.

16 July Nuestra Señora del Carmen.The patron saint of fishermen and sailors is celebrated in most coastal places with processions in the streets and sometimes in decorated boats. The biggest celebrations on Lanzarote are in Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, Isla Graciosa and, although it is inland, Teguise.

25 August San Ginés celebrations, in honour of Arrecife’s patron saint include processions and dancing, and last about a week.

Early September Nuestra Señora de los Volcanes. According to legend, the Virgin halted the flow of lava from a volcanic eruption in 1824 and saved the village of Mancha Blanca, Lanzarote. She is honoured with a pilgrimage, a folklore festival, an artisans’ fair and bouts of lucha canaria.

Mid-November Kite Festival: Playa del Burro, Corralejo. Kite-flyers from all over the world come to this two-day event so it may be worth taking the ferry to Fuerteventura to experience it.

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